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Commercial Activity

Brightlingsea Harbour is home to the Gunfleet Wind Farm (Dong) support vessels, as well as a number of fishing vessels. Also Olivers Wharf Ltd operates a commercial wharf within Brightlingsea Harbour and subject to tidal restrictions is able to operate vessels up to 120m length overall and drafts up to 5.0m. For more details on Olivers Wharf access Olivers Wharf Ltd or Uniconnection Shipping Ltd Uniconnection.

The details of pilotage are within Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners' Pilotage Direction No 3 issued 23 July 2015. Pilotage Direction No 3.

Next Movements

Ser Ship In Date Out Date
1 Yasam Rose 18/04/2018 0001hrs  
2 Yasam Rose   18/04/2018 0500hrs
3 Yasam Rose 18/04/2018 1230hrs  
4 Yasam Rose   18/04/2018 1600hrs
5 Wilson Lista 19/04/2018 1520hrs  
6 Terra Marique 19/04/2018 1520hrs  
7 Wilson Lista   20/04/2018 1600hrs
8 Terra Marique   21/04/2018 1645hrs
9 RMS Ruhrort  24/04/2018 0728hrs  
10 RMS Ruhrort    24/04/2018 2014hrs


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