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The commissioners recently agreed the following aim ‘to retain the character of the harbour’ and following objectives:

  • Ensure sufficient water depth is established and maintained.

  • Maintain similar mix and number of moorings.

  • Establish dedicated area for visiting boats.

  • Identify gaps in services and, where appropriate, either work with others to provide or provide ourselves.

  • Work towards achieving relevant quality standards (eg ISO, Eco Port).

  • Establish and maintain financial model which ensures sustainability, phased capital equipment replacement and a regular maintenance schedule.

  • Maintain and build strong working relationships with all harbour users and stakeholders.

  • Provide value for money.

  • To maintain, protect and enhance our natural environment.



Second term 2014-2018

Jim has held various senior management positions in schools and colleges and both in the UK and South America before his retirement in 2010. He learnt to sail in Brightlingsea and is a current berth holder in the harbour.

James Thomas

James Thomas - Harbour Master

Appointed 2016

James heads up the Harbour’s small but highly committed team, his love of sailing and the sea started when he taught himself to sail as a ten-year-old, and continued through his career in the British Army.  As well as being a Yachtmaster he brings more than three decades of management and marine experience to the role , a wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as great enthusiasm.

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott - Business Improvement

Appointed 2015

Andrew, a Chartered Engineer, has held various senior engineering roles. He is currently Programme Manager for ‘Offshore Renewable Energy’ at the Energy Technologies Institute.  He has sailed since his early teens and holds the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore qualification.

John Carr

John Carr - Incident Reporting

Second term 2014-2018

John Carr is a professional photographer and currently the photographer for the Royal College of Surgeons in London and he has a wide experience in the marine industry including 20 years at sea. He is a keen east coast yachtsman with RYA Yachtmaster offshore qualifications and berths his yacht in Brightlingsea.

Fiona Brown

Fiona Brown - Communications and Events Management

Appointed 2015

Brought up in a boat yard on the river Colne, Fiona has been a regular user of Brightlingsea harbour since childhood. She has over 35 years experience working in the marine industry, 20 of which have been as a consultant providing event management and communications services to a wide range of marine organisations.


Harbour Maintenance

Appointed 2016

Duncan is a Civil Engineer specialising in foundation design.  He has recently retired.  He is a keen dinghy sailor having been a member of Brightlingsea Sailing Club for 50 years. Currently he is developing an interest in larger boats including smacks and has his own yacht.



Appointed 2014

Nigel is a long term Brightlingsea resident and brings his experience as a BBC television cameraman for 35 years as well as a strong interest in environmental matters. He helps local groups and organisations and particularly enjoys ‘messing about in boats’.



Appointed 2017

Pamela is a small business owner, lives in Brightlingsea and has networked in the business community for more than twenty years. She also provides consultancy to Tendring Enterprise Agency and Clacton CVS signposting businesses.

Some of her family are keen nautical folk so she is delighted to become a Commissioner, bringing her expertise, business knowledge and contacts to the marine environment.


© Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners 2018

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