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Brightlingsea Wildflowers and Conservation Club visit the Harbour

Date: 25 March 2016

We were lucky enough to have a visit by our local conservation officer Brian Percival along with a RSPB Botanist to survey both the Cindery Islands, they were most informative so we thought we would share their findings with you, this is their report… "On Behalf of the Club, thank you very much for allowing me to use a launch to take the RSPB botanist onto both the Cindery islands for a plant survey. As we know “2nd Cindery” is about 10-12” lower than “1st Cindery” which makes it attractive to different plant species.

We found large areas of Saltmarsh Grass and Arrow Grass with areas of flowering Thrift or Sea Pink and common Sea Lavender and Red Fescue on the higher settings “Sea Purslane” and “Glasswort” we also noted. First Cindery provided a more varied selection of saltmarsh plants in addition to those mentioned above, one of the most exciting being “ Shrubbery Sea Blite” which requires a very narrow saltmarsh habitat base, it likes to its feet wet, but not too often! I pointed out an interesting historical note on 2nd Cindery island, explain that the wildflowers have managed the islands since 1977, and, in 1980 the town council were concerned about erosion from the constant passage of sand barges so we placed a series of posts along the north edge of the salting’s exactly one metre in from the salting edge. During our survey we found that some of these posts had fallen in to the creek, but the majority we now on the edge or close to it. So, in thirty-three years we would appear to have lost about a metre or just under". Regards Brian

Brightlingsea Wildflowers and Conservation Club visit the Harbour

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