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Visitor Moorings

Information for visitors arriving in Brightlingsea by water

All visitors, from novice to experienced sailors are very welcome in Brightlingsea Harbour. We welcome thousands of visitors each year and we pride ourselves on our welcome in that wherever possible, visiting boats are met on the water as they enter the Harbour and are shown to a berth by members of the Harbour Staff.

Contacting us

Harbour staff can be contacted on VHF Channel 68 and visitors should call in on this channel as they approach the Harbour to request a berth. The Harbour is manned from 0800 – 1900 during high season (Whitsun to end of August), 0800 – 1700 low season and 0800 – 1600 from 1st Nov to 31st March and you should be able to contact a member of staff on VHF 68 during these times.

Alternatively, for those without access to a radio, you may phone the Harbour Office on 01206 302200 instead.

Finding a Berth

It is not possible to book an individual berth, but the chance of us not having a space for you is very small. Boats up to 50 feet (15m) in length and 8 feet (2.5m) draft can be accommodated. Outside working hours, visitors should find an empty berth in the visitor area at the western end of the pontoon nearest to Cindery Island if possible.

If there are no spaces here, another empty berth may be used instead. Resident boats are issued with a ‘Back Tonight’ notice which they are requested to leave on their pontoon berth if they expect to be back the same evening. Please avoid these berths if a visitor berth is not available. A berth with no notice on it is usually available for use.

Visiting Clubs

Clubs are requested to phone or email ahead of their planned visit to check that space will be available for the number of boats likely to require a berth. Bookings can only be taken for groups of 3 boats or more. A list of names of boats in the visiting group and their lengths should be provided to the Harbour Office either by phone or email prior to your arrival.

Water Taxi

Berths at Brightlingsea Harbour have no direct access to the land and therefore transport to the land is either via water taxi or your own dinghy/tender. From Easter until the end of October, a Water Taxi service runs from morning until late into the evening during school holidays and from 1700 Friday evening to Sunday evening. For exact service times please see the Water Taxi page.

The Water Taxi can be contacted on VHF channel 68 or by phone 07535 508537. Outside these times Brightlingsea Harbour operates a limited water taxi service within normal working hours.

Paying for your berth

Overnight berthing fees, which include Harbour Dues, can be paid either to the Harbour Staff who collect money direct from visiting boats twice a day or at the Harbour Office. Discounts are available for those who wish to stay for longer periods outside of high season and for visiting clubs with a group of 5 or more boats. Payment can be made by credit/debit card, cash or cheque. Prices are available from our downloads page.

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