Wind Speed: 4.600kn
Wind Direction: 320.300°
Tide Height C.D.: 4.292m

04 Nov 2020

Brightlingsea Harbour is a Statutory Harbour Authority which has a responsibility to ensure certain port duties are maintained. It is also required to provide pilotage services to commercial shipping.

Unfortunately Government has failed to brief down a more detailed response with regards to unrestricted Leisure activities within the Marine environment, information is likely to be available once parliament have passed these laws later today.

In the absence of such information from 0001 hrs 5 Nov 2020 the following Government imposed restrictions will be in place;

The office will be closed to members of the public.

Leisure facilities will no longer be supported, however the Harbour will be regularly inspected 7 days a week ensuring craft on pontoons are safe.

The water taxi will not operating.

The Town Jetty will be closed.

Visitors, and Commercial operators may only enter the port or move through the harbour having previously agreed plans with the Harbour Master.

A skeleton staff will maintain the port infrastructure, comply with the Colchester Harbour Act 2001 and the Civil contingencies Act 2004.

Anyone wishing to communicate with the Harbour should email this will be monitored 5 days a week.

Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners hope that all stakeholders understand our position, which is to protect members of staff and the general public.

Once we have more detail, we will take action as required and share with stakeholders.