Wind Speed: 6.290kn
Wind Direction: 202.700°
Tide Height C.D.: 7.436m


If there is an emergency it is still incredibly important that someone calls 999, that is the message from the police.

Only by doing so will the resources required to police this crime be made available.

This is what has happened in the last month.

  1. Tendring District Council with funds from BHC and BTC have put out another safe swimming zone in the area splash point, the lido and of the sailing club. Once there is agreement on the detailed sighting from BTC we will attach lines and floats in-between.
  2. The HM or DHM is in the Harbour every day as they are every year throughout the School Holidays.
  3. The Ramp access on Point Clear will hopefully have bollards fitted so vehicle access will be severely restricted, this was agreed some two months ago, it was believed that by now that they would have been fitted. They have still not been fitted.
  4. BHC have therefore arranged and are paying for two Security Guards to be posted in the area of the Ramp restricting access in the same way at peak times, this will continue even when the Bollards have been erected into the near future. PWCs without having previously registered will not be allowed in.
  5. BHC have already fitted an ANPR camera on Point Clear so can identify vehicles entering and leaving Point Clear.
  6. River patrols are in operation and match funding from CBC has been agreed.
  7. The Marine Police will visit Brightlingsea with their RHIB sentinel over the period.
  8. There are now 2 prosecutions in the pipeline, but the justice is slow.
  9. Colchester Borough Council who has the statutory responsibility for the Colne rather than Tendring District Council, are nearly at the point where they can authorise the use of Public Space protection orders, when violators can be issued with an immediate fine.

To date we have denied access to 42 PWCs, prevented 5 attempts of land based anti-social behaviour, received 12 complaints from locals upset at restrictions, 61 compliments, encountered 66 PWCs out on the water and issued 22 warnings. We keep all our processes under review, take the dangerous use of PWCs very seriously and as demonstrated will always allocate resources to it.