Wind Speed: 8.700kn
Wind Direction: 200.800°
Tide Height C.D.: 2.552m

The Commissioners welcome the interest shown in its recent proposal. They have considered the responses submitted to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), the comments raised at the two Advisory Group meetings held in October and the initial response from the MMO requesting more detail.

Many views were expressed, falling into four main categories:

  1. Increase Use – plans would encourage other jet ski’ users to the Harbour and the River.
  2. Noise – Jet skis are noisy and would have a disproportionate impact on the peace of the Harbour, River and nearby residents.
  3. Proposed Location – the prevailing SW winds and the tidal flows would make for substantial (and unsafe) turbulence at times.
  4. Monitoring - How would the different responsible organisations measure and control impact within the Harbour and River? Also, where does the responsibility lie for continuing environmental impact assessments?

In light of the above, the Commissioners have decided to:

  • Evaluate further the demand for such a pontoon by Personal Water Craft (PWC) and small craft users. In particular, the development of the nascent PWC club.
  • Seek further detail from relevant manufacturers about the anticipated noise levels at specific speeds of jet ski’ engines, outboard motors, yacht and motorboat inboard engines.
  • Undertake a study of pontoon stability in the proposed location.
  • Liaise with others to ensure appropriate monitoring in the Harbour and River is maintained and enhanced.

Finally, the Commissioners remain committed to the strategy of maintaining a safe and welcoming Harbour for all users and, to this end, will continue the dialogue with stakeholders and the MMO regarding the application.