Wind Speed: 3.990kn
Wind Direction: 43.900°
Tide Height C.D.: 9999.999m

Tom Kerridge Cooks Britain

27th March 2024

After searching up and down the country for that perfect venue for filming, on Wednesday the 20th March, we welcomed the celebrity chef Tom Kerridge and his team to the Harbour to complete some promotional filming on the Hard. You may be thinking why Brightlingsea Harbour was chosen as a place to film. In Tom Kerridge and his team’s words, they described it as a perfect and scenic destination. The idyllic views around the Harbour helped make it a prime destination to visit and complete some filming.

Brightlingsea Harbour ensured this day was a success and organised two boats being positioned on the posts just behind where the filming was taken place. On the posts we had a traditional Bawley an English sailing vessel typified by a boomless cutter rig and a Sonata which is a racer cruiser yacht to enhance the beauty of the Harbour! From 11am, the team started to arrive as the tide was going out setting up everything for the day ahead. As midday arose, Tom Kerridge’s food van turned up situating itself on the Hard ready for filming. From 1pm to 5pm, cameras were rolling, and snippets were captured until 5pm. Resulting in a successful day of filming with the weather holding up all day too!

Tom 1