Wind Speed: 3.990kn
Wind Direction: 43.900°
Tide Height C.D.: 1.017m

Private Boat/Ferry Chartering

Is there is a special occasion you are celebrating during 2023?

Private chartering one of our ferries is another way to take to sea and create the perfect trip for your family and friends, even the four legged ones. Children could enjoy their own personal harbour tour and seeing what wildlife they can spot or we can take your party to Wivenhoe or Rowhedge and you can just spend time enjoying the coastline and stunning sunsets.

Call, email or Facebook message us to see how we can help create memories to last a lifetime.

Minimum charge 1st Hour £130.00 / 2nd Hour £120.00 /waiting time 70.00 per hour .


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sunset harbour.jpg

Wivenhoe edit.jpg